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How to Booking online?

1. Select booking online
2. Registered login with facebook or google account
3. select the service to reserve
4.Select the date of service
5. select the time closest to your service
6. select a vehicle available
7. Confirm your data and add # of flight and arrival time or address to go for you
8.Select to pay with Mercadopago
9. You can pay by card or cash on the page of mercadopago
10. When making the payment your reservation will be confirmed and you will receive an email with the confirmation

hacer una reservacion

How to apply a discount?

  1. To apply a discount it is necessary to make the reservation online in the online booking section

  2. Sign in or sign in important to include valid email

  3. Select from where to where the service requires

  4. Select the date and time of the reservation

  5. Select  vehicle available

  6. Select next

  7. Enter the code of the discount coupon and click on the arrow to the right to apply

  8. verify that the discount is applied

  9. Select pay now

 The page will redirect you to the payment market page where you can make the payment with Debit Credit Card, Transfer or deposit in Oxxo at the end you will receive your confirmation by email


Before Booking

Is there an extra charge for debit or credit card payments?

  • No. There is no additional charge for payment by debit card or credit card.


 Will anyone else travel in the same vehicle that I booked?

  •  In the Reservations we offer private transfers, so the price you pay reserves the vehicle exclusively for you and your group. In the case of Booking our services, Pool will travel in a shared vehicle that can be from a sedan to a van of 20 passengers depending on availability and demand.

  • I require an invoice, can I request one?


  • Yes. You can be provided with an invoice if necessary. Please contact our Customer Service Center after making your reservation to request an invoice. If you apply a discount coupon the price paid will be plus VAT


  • What kind of vehicles do they offer and what is the difference? Sedan (1-4) For transport service performed by regular vehicles (sedan). Minivan (1-6) Minivans are vehicles for group transportation. VANS for 1-20 passengers. These vehicles can also be used in Economy and First Class Companies.


How do I know if my card and personal data are safe?

  • All reservation pages that require you to enter personal information are protected by 256-bit SSL encryption, verified.  Payments are made at the end of the reservation process when you are redirected to the secure payment page of our Mercadopago payment service provider (


What payment methods are available?

  • We offer American Express, MasterCard and Visa credit cards paid in cash at oxxo stores.  If you want to use a different method, please contact our agents.  All card payments are secured by 256-bit SSL encryption.  If you experience problems paying with your card, please contact us.


How can I contact them?

  • You can contact us by email or phone or our whasapp, our full details are available on our contact page.  Our Customer Service Center is open during business hours.  If your question is urgent, please call us to get the fastest response.


 When should I book?

  • Although it is possible to book your transfer (s) online up to 2 hours before the travel date, we recommend you book as soon as possible.  By booking your transfer (s) on time, you have the best chance of winning at any price increase, which can occur at any time during the year, especially before each holiday o vacation season.  Please call our contact number, whatsapp or through the chat page if you need a transfer within 2 hours.

After you have booked

 Where will I find the driver?

  • Your reservation is complete, you will receive a confirmation email explaining where your driver will be waiting for you, along with other useful information, including our Customer Service numbers.


My flight has been canceled and I no longer need a transfer.  Can I cancel it?

  • Yes, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.


My confirmation of payment and / or proof of reservation has not arrived by email.  What should I do?

  • On rare occasions, it is possible that the email server or software may confuse our email messages as spam - not spam.  If you feel you should have received a communication from us but do not have one, please write or call our Customer Service Center.  Remember that you can always access the "Your reservations" page (using your email address and password) to view, share and print your booking immediatel


 What happens with the refunds?

  • In case of a refund, your money will be refunded immediately.


 What should I take as proof of the reservation to show it to the driver?

  • Only your bonus (printed or digital).


How can I change my reservation?

  • You can contact us directly to make this change


 What happens if I can not locate my driver?

  • If you have any difficulty locating your driver, please contact the driver directly to the phone number at the top of your voucher.  If you are not able to reach it, simply call our Customer Service number (printed on your booking voucher) and we will help you immediately.


 What happens if my flight is delayed?

  • When your flight is delayed or canceled, please call the provider.  Your number is on the voucher.  In case of choosing not to call the provider, he could leave the collection point and risk not getting his transfer.


My flight has changed.Can I change the date of my transfer?


  •  In most cases we can re-schedule your transfer without problems.  However, if it is a time of year, it is possible (although unlikely) that we may not have availability for your new transfer.  Please, contact us at the moment you know about your change, so that there is enough time to reorganize your transfer.  If we are unable to reschedule your transfer, we will reimburse you according to our terms and conditions.

During your trip

 What do I have to do if I booked the vehicle and it does not show up?

  • If the vehicle or the reserved driver is not in the place mentioned in the voucher, a contact the driver.  The driver's phone number can be found on the voucher.  In the unlikely event that he does not answer your call, you can call the emergency number.  The phone number is printed on your voucher.  Please be patient and allow the driver a minimum of 20 minutes to arrive.  Before leaving the meeting point, it is necessary to let us know.  We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible by contacting your driver.  If that is not possible, we will try to find alternative transportation for your reservation.  If this is not possible either, we will refund your money in the next few days.  Attention, if you have a problem, please inform us so we can look for an alternative solution since you have not been able to solve it with the driver.


What should I do if my luggage seems to have been lost on arrival and as a consequence I will be late for my transfer?

  • If your luggage is lost, please contact the driver directly with the phone number at the top of your voucher and inform them of what happened.  Depending on the amount of time you need to wait until you get your luggage back, the driver can wait for you, or you can cancel the trip.  The driver will then tell you if you will be charged for the additional waiting expenses.  If so, this will be charged directly by the driver.  If you decide to cancel your transfer instead of asking the driver to wait for you, the full fare will still be due and can not be refunded.  If you can not reach the driver, please contact our Customer Service Center.

After our trip

 I left a piece of luggage in the vehicle.  How can i get it back?

  • First, please contact the driver directly to the phone number on your voucher and inform him of what happened.  We will do everything possible to repatriate your lost luggage, either at your place of residence, or at your home.  Keep in mind that the charges incurred will have to be paid before the baggage is sent back to you by mail.

Who should I contact? I have some comments or suggestions to make, if I have comments or suggestions to make?


 We actively welcome comments and suggestions from our clients, and treat them as valuable information on how to improve our service.  You can also send us an email with your comments:

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